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      Gene@Europe 2019
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    edition 2019

    The essential websites for genealogical research in Europe

    This book has been created because there are many available online tools that allow you to find your ancestors’ life events, residential locations, destinations, and occupations. In this book you will find “temporary or permanent” websites to assist you in your genealogical research, as well as information to share and communicate with other family genealogists on social media (such as groups or forums), and professional genealogists’ contact information who will be able to support you.

    In several countries, the state and administration archives have been digitised, and pictures of these records have been made available online. Numerous “portal” websites built by genealogical associations or families provide transcriptions of births, marriages, deaths, census or military records etc. in the form of lists.
    My recommendation for you will be to double check the accuracy of all the information you read on these websites by getting the (digital or paper) copy
    of the record so you can build your family tree.







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